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Why Engagement is your Best Recruitment Tool

Posted by Becca Kelly on 24-Feb-2015 09:49:19

From acquisition to retention

In 2015, talent acquisition is tougher than ever, as the cream of the employable crop discover their power as consumers of jobs, rather than feeling at the mercy of their employees. Not only this, but once you succeed in recruiting the best available talent into your company's key roles, the battle doesn't end. Retention, in our times of fast-paced job-hopping and next best things, is more challenging than it's ever been before. Nowadays, the average UK citizen will have between 10 and 14 jobs in their lifetime. So when it comes to recruiting for your workplace, thinking ahead and considering retention as part of your ongoing engagement strategy is absolutely essential. After all, there's no point in bringing in new recruits until you've made sure that you're not needlessly losing perfectly good current employees through lack of engagement.


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An engaged workforce is more motivated and productive because people take pride in what they are doing and have faith in those around them. This leads to better working relationships, greater collaboration and ultimately, a more successful organisation.

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