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8 Personal Development Quotes We Love

Posted by Becca Kelly on 14-Mar-2016 15:06:35


“In my early professional years I was asking the question: How can I treat, or cure, or change this person? Now I would phrase the question in this way: How can I provide a relationship which this person may use for his own personal growth?”

Carl Rogers


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Ways to Help Your Employees to Grow This Year

Posted by Becca Kelly on 18-Jan-2016 09:19:49

Our data shows that there is a strong correlation between employee engagement levels and how your employees feel about their training and future prospects. This means that when your people feel positive about the possibilities for personal growth within your organisation then engagement levels will typically be high, and vice versa. As your organisation moves forward into 2016, it's worth taking some time to consider whether staff are satisfied with their personal growth opportunities, and whether such opportunities might be improved. Not only will their levels of satisfaction and engagement increase -  your organisation will also be set to gain from broadened skill sets, updated knowledge and the vitality which comes with the optimism of expanded horizons. So, when it comes to options for personal growth, what do your employees really want? Here are a few ideas to get you started:

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Why Time Management Training Still Matters

Posted by Becca Kelly on 04-Dec-2015 11:38:30

We all know that one of the many keys to business success is learning how keep productivity high through good time management. Why, then, do companies typically assume that new starters, even in lower-tier positions, will already possess the time management skills they need to excel? Time management is such an old-skool fact of business that we often forget about it, moving swiftly on to new-fangled techniques and concepts. Well, if you're reading this blog post amidst your twentieth 5 minute internet surf of the day, then you'll know that nobody's time management skills are ever 100% perfectly honed. That said, keep reading and you can get back to what you were meant to be doing, complete with some excellent tips which can easily be explained to the most time-challenged of teams.

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Is Holiday Guilt Killing Your Workplace Engagement?

Posted by Becca Kelly on 25-Sep-2015 10:04:00

We all know that, year on year, work-life balance is getting harder to maintain. Most employers are also aware of the ever-increasing dangers of stress-related burnout, and we've all read the horrifying recent statistics regarding overworking and its detrimental effects upon engagement levels. Despite all this, many business leaders continue to note that their team members are failing to take the holidays they are allotted on time. Karen Firestone, CEO of Aureus Asset Management, notes that employees are:

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Lifelong Learning for Emotionally Engaged Employees

Posted by Abigail Fox on 18-Aug-2015 11:05:05

One of the much-lauded benefits of growing engagement levels is an improved rate of employee retention. Whilst new recruits are typically highly engaged and keen to throw themselves fully into their roles, over time this initial engagement often declines as the job, the team, the tasks, become familiar or – worse still -  mundane. Investing in personal and professional development as part of a commitment to lifelong learning (both for your people and the company as a whole) can keep engagement levels high whilst increasing employee retention and strengthening your employer brand. 

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Boosting Frontline Engagement: Part Two

Posted by Becca Kelly on 05-Feb-2015 09:34:50

As we explored in part one,  customer-facing employees typically have the best knowledge of what customers do or do not want, as well as providing a key opportunity to communicate the company brand to potential clients. It's no surprise that driving frontline engagement can have a huge impact on overall engagement levels, sales, and sustainable growth.

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7 New Year's Resolutions for Employee Engagement Success

Posted by Jane Young on 06-Jan-2015 13:17:00

1) Take a Personal Approach

So often we think of offering our employees 'professional development' options, but how about thinking more in terms of ' personal growth'? In doing so, you can demonstrate the value and importance of each individual, beyond corporate objectives. Ask your employees, what can we do to help you? Find out their personal, as well as professional, goals. You may be surprised by your discoveries!



2) Get Ethical

Does your company have a clear ethical underpinning which your employees can feel both proud of and aligned to? Having an accessible, simple code of ethics is a great demonstrator of values, passion, and a commitment to the bigger picture. Don't just hide your ethics in a frame behind reception – make sure everyone knows about them, from employees to clients – ensuring they're taken out into the world.


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Be Inspired: Innovative Approaches to Personal Growth

Posted by Jane Young on 11-Dec-2014 10:06:00

Organisations with high levels of employee engagement typically excel in offering enticing avenues for career progression and personal growth, attracting ambitious individuals with big ideas and an eye to the future.  That's why 'Personal Growth' is one of the 8 factors which Best Companies' survey measures, dealing specifically with how employees feel about their training and future prospects.

If you're looking to develop a Personal Growth programme which stands out from the crowd in today's competitive marketplace, Best Companies Accredited organisations offer inspiring examples to clear the cobwebs from your organisation's training pathways.

COOK Trading: bringing dreams to life

COOK Trading believe that if an employee is fulfilled at home then they are much more likely to be fulfilled at work. They work in an area of high unemployment and low paid workers, so want to encourage as many people as possible to achieve their potential and fulfil their dreams. Their innovative Dream Academy is a programme which encourages people to think about what their life goals and aspirations are, and then encourages them to build a plan to help achieve them step by step with the support of a professional life coach.

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Employee Engagement Best Practice Part 6: The 'Personal Growth' Factor

Posted by Jane Young on 05-Nov-2014 17:55:00

In this era of transferable skills, reduced workplace security and increased employee mobility, it's no longer uncommon to have switched career three times before the age of thirty. Some studies even predict that an 18-year-old today will have as many as 14 jobs by the time they’re just 38.

This drastic shift, from lifelong job security to a more flexible model of employment, means that employees are taking more responsibility for their personal and professional development than ever before. Keen to glean new skills which will help them to move towards their full potential, workers are increasingly drawn towards roles which offer opportunities for both personal and professional development. It's little surprise that organisations with high levels of employee engagement typically excel in offering avenues for career progression and personal growth. The value of educating your own workforce cannot be underestimated – both in terms of workplace satisfaction and the increased potential and capabilities of your team.

Best Companies' survey measures engagement across 8 factors, one of which is 'Personal Growth'.

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