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Is Holiday Guilt Killing Your Workplace Engagement?

Posted by Becca Kelly on 25-Sep-2015 10:04:00

We all know that, year on year, work-life balance is getting harder to maintain. Most employers are also aware of the ever-increasing dangers of stress-related burnout, and we've all read the horrifying recent statistics regarding overworking and its detrimental effects upon engagement levels. Despite all this, many business leaders continue to note that their team members are failing to take the holidays they are allotted on time. Karen Firestone, CEO of Aureus Asset Management, notes that employees are:

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How to Build Highly Collaborative Teams

Posted by Becca Kelly on 15-Sep-2015 16:26:00


The problems and possibilities inherent in social business transformation are largely those of human psychology. This is rarely more apparent than when when working closely with others, particularly since collaborative working is fast becoming a priority for business leaders across the globe. Collaboration, in its most basic form, entails sharing information and resources freely, learning from one another and shifting workloads in order to complete tasks and reach shared goals on time and with flair. If highly collaborative teams are the must-have for any organisation attempting to go social, then how to go about creating them?


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Why Teamwork Matters in 2015

Posted by Abigail Fox on 29-Apr-2015 12:16:53

How employees feel about their colleagues, and their ability to work together, is a core ingredient of Best Companies' proven recipe for sustainable growth.

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Boosting Frontline Engagement: Part One

Posted by Becca Kelly on 03-Feb-2015 10:09:00

A recent international survey of employees by Bain & Company found that engagement typically declines at the coalface in organisations, with the very poorest levels of engagement in sales and service functions. These are the areas of an organisation where employees typically have less control over what they do, but much greater customer contact. That's why an increase in engagement at these grass roots levels could potentially have a huge impact on customer satisfaction, whilst driving transformational engagement across the business. Frontline, customer-facing employees typically have the best knowledge of what customers do or do not want, so utilising this information, and driving problem solving initiatives based upon information from frontline employees, can be a real game-changer.

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Employee Engagement Best Practice Part 5: The 'My Team' Factor

Posted by Jane Young on 29-Oct-2014 14:22:51

“Coming together is a beginning. Keeping together is progress. Working together is success.” - Henry Ford

Effective teamwork underpins all successful organisations, enabling the free flow of ideas, information and expertise; while empowering people via networks of mutual support and cooperation. Teams at the top of their game maximise individual performance, coaching one another towards both personal and collective success. An effective team offers the opportunity for employees to come together and flourish in the pursuit of shared goals - creating an enticing environment for prospective employees.

The graph below shows the strength of the correlation between overall engagement and how people feel about their team - when one is high, so is the other (and vice versa).

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