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Bring a Little Spring into Your Office

Posted by Becca Kelly on 11-Mar-2016 14:02:00

There's something extra special about Springtime – new growth, longer days, the end of winter's chill. These are wonderful qualities which can be harnessed by any employer looking to bring more optimism, joy and creativity to bear on office life this Spring. Many organisations find themselves stuck in a post-Christmas rut come February, so the arrival of Spring is the perfect chance to recast the year ahead. Need some pointers? Read on.

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How to Create an Awesome Company Culture on a Shoestring

Posted by Becca Kelly on 22-Sep-2015 14:31:00

It's hard not to feel at least a little envious of organisations who've invested heavily in their company culture, especially when it comes to free massages, on-site video arcades, bike repairs, corporate cars and company dog-sitters. There's something endlessly appealing about showing up to a workplace that's got more in common with Willy Wonka's Chocolate Factory than the average office set up. 

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Boosting Frontline Engagement: Part One

Posted by Becca Kelly on 03-Feb-2015 10:09:00

A recent international survey of employees by Bain & Company found that engagement typically declines at the coalface in organisations, with the very poorest levels of engagement in sales and service functions. These are the areas of an organisation where employees typically have less control over what they do, but much greater customer contact. That's why an increase in engagement at these grass roots levels could potentially have a huge impact on customer satisfaction, whilst driving transformational engagement across the business. Frontline, customer-facing employees typically have the best knowledge of what customers do or do not want, so utilising this information, and driving problem solving initiatives based upon information from frontline employees, can be a real game-changer.

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