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Engaged Leadership: Dealing with Stressful Moments

Posted by Becca Kelly on 31-Mar-2016 11:28:00

When we buy a new pair of walking boots or a raincoat, we never know how well they hold up until we test them out in the extreme weather conditions which we've been told they're designed to withstand. Similarly, when making our way along the path of engaged leadership, it's often hard to truly know how good we are at managing stress or adversity until we find ourselves in the most emotionally triggering of situations.

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6 Engagement Hacks for Caring Leadership

Posted by Becca Kelly on 01-Mar-2016 15:49:13

Rise and shine

Be there for your team right from the moment they walk in the door, setting the tone for the day as friendly and upbeat. The simple act of being present first thing to greet everyone with a smile, and ask them how they are, can make a real difference to your office vibe. If you're geared up with fresh orange juice and croissants then all the better!


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Our Top 10 Leadership Quotes

Posted by Becca Kelly on 10-Nov-2015 15:13:02

Leadership is one of the most strongly correlated of Best Companies' 8 factors of engagement. In other words, organisations who score highly on leadership are likely to be highly engaged overall, and vice versa. How employees feel about the head of their organisation, their senior managers and the organisation's guiding principles and values, can have a huge effect upon engagement levels. Great leadership is all about sculpting the future from the materials available in the present. Nonetheless, looking back into near and far history, we've uncovered some great gems of wisdom which can serve to inspire the next generation of engaged and engaging leaders. Got a favourite leadership quote that isn't listed here? Feel free to post it in the comments section below – we'd love to hear from you.

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7 Life Hacks for Engaged Leadership

Posted by Becca Kelly on 21-Oct-2015 15:55:41


The holy grail of pioneering and engaged leadership is clarity. Meditation is an ancient mind training tool which is currently receiving a great deal of positive attention from neuroscientists across the globe precisely because of it's clarifying effects upon the brain. There is an increasing body of evidence to suggest that mindfulness meditation (a secular form of evidence-based meditation which is derived from Buddhist practices) can prove beneficial for emotional regulation, improving memory, reducing stress and increasing levels of concentration. No wonder it's the secret weapon of top execs around the world.

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70% of Business Leaders Believe Engagement is Critical

Posted by Becca Kelly on 02-Oct-2015 09:26:42

If you're in business, the chances are that the words “employee engagement” are never very far from your lips. You're not alone - 70% of business leaders believe engagement is critical to the success of their organisations. No longer the clandestine secret of the world's top business leaders, companies large and small across the globe are utilising their potential for increased employee engagement and reaping the rewards in the form of sustainable growth.

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“Can anyone hear me?” Leadership and the art of listening

Posted by Becca Kelly on 28-Aug-2015 11:37:00

At the heart of Best Companies' methodology, BCI Measure, is the understanding that challenging conversations are essential to sustainable growth. We believe in equipping organisations and their leaders with the insights which will prompt game-changing conversation, facilitating transformational engagementat all levels of the business. Of course, there are two sides to every conversation. And whilst a lot of leaders spend a lot of time talking, the art of listening is often left somewhere by the wayside.

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Boosting Frontline Engagement: Part Two

Posted by Becca Kelly on 05-Feb-2015 09:34:50

As we explored in part one,  customer-facing employees typically have the best knowledge of what customers do or do not want, as well as providing a key opportunity to communicate the company brand to potential clients. It's no surprise that driving frontline engagement can have a huge impact on overall engagement levels, sales, and sustainable growth.

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Employee Engagement Best Practice Part 8: The 'Leadership' Factor

Posted by Jane Young on 26-Nov-2014 15:48:00

Here's the final instalment in our series, covering the 8 factors of workplace engagement.

We've saved one of the most significant factors to last: Leadership. 

Leadership is one of the most strongly correlated factors - or in other words, organisations who score highly on Leadership are likely to be highly engaged overall; and vice versa.

The chart below shows the strength of the correlation, based on Best Companies survey data - the biggest engagement dataset in the country.

Great Leadership: It's The Little Things 

Often, when we think of the actions of great leaders, our minds hone in on grand, sweeping gestures, the big breakthroughs or spectacular transformations. Leaders are expected to focus on the bigger picture, the long-term game plan. Small gestures of kindness, caring or gratuitude are often overlooked, yet it might just be these small gestures – the little things – that add up to and define great leadership. These little things and everyday actions, though often lacking in glamour or newsworthiness, do not so much distract from the big picture as they do create the big picture.

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