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How Fluidity Can Transform Your Workplace

Posted by Becca Kelly on 03-Mar-2016 09:32:00


The state of being fluid rather than viscous

A measure of the extent to which something is fluid. The reciprocal of its viscosity.

The quality of being fluid or free-flowing

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The Essential Guide to Email Etiquette: Part Two

Posted by Abigail Fox on 02-Jul-2015 10:42:00

Are your e-manners up to standard? Here's part two of our snappy guide to sprucing up your email etiquette to get the most out of every interaction with both colleagues and clients. Click here to read part one.

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Essential Guide to Better Email Etiquette: Part One

Posted by Abigail Fox on 30-Jun-2015 08:26:45

When it comes to perfecting our communication skills, we often limit our training and development to face-to-face situations, despite the fact that an ever-increasing number of business interactions occur online, particularly via email. Many employees and employers send literally hundreds of emails a week, yet do we really take enough time to consider the impact of our e-communications, the tone of our memos, the politeness of our slapdash manner? Before hitting “reply” or “send”, have a quick read of our quick tips for better email etiquette.

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