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Closing the Gender Gap: How to Retain Senior Women in Business

Posted by Becca Kelly on 04-Mar-2016 15:25:51


Despite making up half of the workforce across the UK and the world, the truth is that women are still significantly under-represented in senior management positions. Even in companies that make products specifically aimed at women, many are still headed up by a board of men.

This issue is one that goes far deeper than companies failing to employ women; it’s not as simple as that. Nor can it be solved overnight, but it is something that we hope this report will at least address.

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How Fluidity Can Transform Your Workplace

Posted by Becca Kelly on 03-Mar-2016 09:32:00


The state of being fluid rather than viscous

A measure of the extent to which something is fluid. The reciprocal of its viscosity.

The quality of being fluid or free-flowing

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6 Engagement Hacks for Caring Leadership

Posted by Becca Kelly on 01-Mar-2016 15:49:13

Rise and shine

Be there for your team right from the moment they walk in the door, setting the tone for the day as friendly and upbeat. The simple act of being present first thing to greet everyone with a smile, and ask them how they are, can make a real difference to your office vibe. If you're geared up with fresh orange juice and croissants then all the better!


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Happy Mondays: Start Your Week Right

Posted by Becca Kelly on 08-Feb-2016 10:35:08

Ah, Mondays at the office. When they go well, they're an invigorating initiation into another great working week where anything could happen. And when they go badly? Well, we all know how it feels when Mondays go badly.

So, how to guarantee that your Mondays kick start with an upswing of positive energy rather than a dive into the murky abyss of stress and chaos? Here's our list of 6 mindset-altering ways to guarantee that you hit the ground running on a weekly basis.

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3 Simple Ways to Reduce Stress in Your Workplace

Posted by Becca Kelly on 01-Feb-2016 11:47:07

Amidst our hectic, hyper-connected lives, we're more aware than ever before of the mounting dangers of stress. Over a sustained period of time, workplace stress can be debilitating for the individual. On a physical level, stress can lead to an increased risk of heart disease, hormonal imbalances and insomnia. On an emotional level, this can translate into fraught relationships both inside and outside of work, feelings of low self worth and lowered resiliency when it comes to dealing with life's ups and downs. According to Forbes, more than 40% of adults say they lie awake at night plagued by the stressful events of the day.  Like many wellbeing concerns, stress in the workplace is not merely an issue for the individual – from an employer's point of view it can have a profound effect upon engagement and productivity within an organisation.

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How to Master Workplace Wellbeing in 2016

Posted by Becca Kelly on 22-Jan-2016 16:21:35

Wellbeing has been a hot topic in the arena of employee engagement for quite some time now. You don't need to be a left-field business genius to know that taking good care of your people means taking good care of your companies' future. But beyond introducing free gym passes for your employees or an office fruit bowl, what else can we do to really bring vitality to our offices in 2016? How can we refresh the way we think about wellbeing as we move forwards into the New Year? Here are just a few ideas. We're sure you've plenty more, so feel free to use the comments box to share your words of wellbeing wisdom.


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Ways to Help Your Employees to Grow This Year

Posted by Becca Kelly on 18-Jan-2016 09:19:49

Our data shows that there is a strong correlation between employee engagement levels and how your employees feel about their training and future prospects. This means that when your people feel positive about the possibilities for personal growth within your organisation then engagement levels will typically be high, and vice versa. As your organisation moves forward into 2016, it's worth taking some time to consider whether staff are satisfied with their personal growth opportunities, and whether such opportunities might be improved. Not only will their levels of satisfaction and engagement increase -  your organisation will also be set to gain from broadened skill sets, updated knowledge and the vitality which comes with the optimism of expanded horizons. So, when it comes to options for personal growth, what do your employees really want? Here are a few ideas to get you started:

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New Year's Resolutions for a More Engaged Workforce: Part Two

Posted by Becca Kelly on 07-Jan-2016 14:26:35

Click here to read Part One.


Connect with community

You might assume that money is the greatest motivating factor when it comes to work. However, many workers are increasingly seeking a sense of meaning from their employment and this is swift becoming a major motivator, especially for Millennials. Connecting to the local community within which your business is flourishing can be a brilliant way of giving something back and creating a strong sense of meaning for members of your organisation. Consider making connections with a charity based in your area, or establishing a scheme to reach out to youth who might be interested  in building a career in your sector.


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New Year's Resolutions for a More Engaged Workforce: Part One

Posted by Becca Kelly on 04-Jan-2016 09:13:58

Keep things light

It's easy to feel a little down around the mouth post-Christmas. The office might look a little sad once the decorations have been taken down, everyone's feeling like they've eat a few too many mince pies over the past month,and do we even need to mention the state of the average person's bank balance following the annual festive shopping splurge? Start the year as you mean to go on – with a smile and a lightness of touch. Optimism and laughter in the workplace are key tools when it comes to engagement. What better force for bringing everyone together than one of positivity and excited anticipation of the year ahead? Start setting your goals for the year now and get everyone involved in bringing your organisations' dreams to life in 2016.

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Top 5 Workplace Inspiration Drains

Posted by Becca Kelly on 17-Dec-2015 09:10:31

Having a highly engaged workforce means keeping every employee super inspired, from the cleaners to the CEO. If there's a distinct lack of zing amongst your people right now, it might be time to take a look at whether any of the following inspiration drains are at play.


Is your workplace a breeding ground for hostility? Negative vibes are the most powerful of inspiration drains and can steadily eat away at employee engagement. So how to turn all those frowns around? The best way to beat negativity in the long run is to slowly and steadily build trust across your organisation.

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