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Healthy People, Healthy Business: Why Wellbeing Matters

Posted by Becca Kelly on 01-Apr-2015 15:13:55


Is your company making Wellbeing a priority in 2015? How do your employees feel about stress, pressure at work, and life balance? Here at Best Companies, Wellbeing is one of 8 vital factors which together formulate our BCI Methodology, because we believe that cultivating employee Wellbeing is absolutely essential to developing high levels of engagement in your workplace. Wondering why? Here's the lowdown.


Poor Health, Poor Show

Disregard for Wellbeing can lead to poor health and disengagement in the workplace. Even the Government are recognising this, and have created a Workplace Wellbeing Tool  to help you measure the cost of poor employee health to your business. According to the Office for National Statistics, 131 million working days were lost due to sickness absences in the UK in 2013. The main cause for working days lost in 2013 was musculoskeletal conditions (such as back and neck pain), leading to 31 million days lost. The next most important cause was minor illnesses such as coughs and colds (27 million days lost), followed by stress, anxiety or depression, at 15 million days lost. Many of these minor ailments can be alleviated by tackling workplace stress and unhealthy lifestyle patterns which typically compromise the immune system.


Developing Excellence

How can you help to bring out the best in your people, if they aren't feeling their best? Focusing on  the Personal Growth of your employees entails looking out for them in all spheres of their life. Are they spending too much sitting down at their desks, are they working too late, are they stressed out because their toddler is ill and they are unable to take time off to manage the situation? Get to know your employees and their Wellbeing needs, to discover how best to improve the health and wealth of your business. Are you providing enough opportunities for healthy eating, or exercise? Do you offer flexible working hours or a mindfulness programme to reduce stress? Open up to your Wellbeing blind spots.


Workplace Culture

Be sure to regularly take stock of the atmosphere in your office – is it a happy place to be? Are people stressed? Is the design of the space really working to grow close working relationships, or to create divisions and tension? There's nothing like walking into a company where employees feel truly cared for and valued – the difference in atmosphere is palpable. Consider how you can create an environment which is genuinely buzzing with excitement, motivation and positivity. Not only will your employees benefit, but your clients will notice the difference too. And when it comes to recruitment, a cool company culture can prove incredibly attractive.


Look to Best Practice Examples

Keen to find out about how other organisations have championed Wellbeing? Click the button below to download Best Practice examples from some of the world's leading companies! 

 Wellbeing Best Practice Examples


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