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Employee Engagement Best Practice: The ‘My Company’ Factor

Posted by Jane Young on 01-Mar-2017 16:32:00

Business leaders and HR professionals are facing tougher challenges than ever when it comes to attracting and retaining top talent.

Today’s highly competitive job market and transient workforce are piling on the pressure to build a powerful employer brand that attracts great people, while investing in building energy and relationships internally to keep them.

The way employees feel towards their role and how it impacts the bigger picture determines not only whether they’ll stick around, but whether they’ll actively contribute to a high performance culture.

Measuring employees’ feelings about ‘My Company’ is key to understanding your overall employee engagement levels. That’s why ‘My Company’ is one of the eight factors Best Companies measures to indicate the overall health of an organisation.


Organisations or departments with high ‘My Company’ scores typically have loyal employees who feel proud to work there, love their job and feel excited about the direction the business is heading in.

The chart below shows the correlation between ‘My Company’ and overall employee engagement. In other words, having a high ‘My Company’ score is a strong indicator that engagement will be high overall - if one is up, so is the other; and likewise if one is low, the other tends to be low too.

Best Companies: My Company

Organisations or departments with low ‘My Company’ scores may not be bringing out the best in their people and are at risk of hemorrhaging talent. There is, however, plenty that can be done to improve.

3 ways to boost engagement

  • Work on increasing organisational clarity, by defining a clear, concise, inspiring primary purpose and outrageous ambition that gets people fired up about where the business is heading and gives their role meaning
  • Work on increasing managerial engagement to reduce employee churn and build high performance teams, by helping managers understand the 4 behaviours that impact engagement
  • Learn from other organisations who are getting it right (see below)

To help inspire you, we’ve compiled some ‘My Company’ best practice examples from organisations who’ve found innovative ways to create a highly engaged workplace. They're poster-size, so you can stick them on the wall during brainstorming sessions to spark new ideas!

Download best practice examples  


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