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Employee Engagement Best Practice: The ‘My Company’ Factor

Posted by Jane Young on 01-Mar-2017 16:32:00

Business leaders and HR professionals are facing tougher challenges than ever when it comes to attracting and retaining top talent.

Today’s highly competitive job market and transient workforce are piling on the pressure to build a powerful employer brand that attracts great people, while investing in building energy and relationships internally to keep them.

The way employees feel towards their role and how it impacts the bigger picture determines not only whether they’ll stick around, but whether they’ll actively contribute to a high performance culture.

Measuring employees’ feelings about ‘My Company’ is key to understanding your overall employee engagement levels. That’s why ‘My Company’ is one of the eight factors Best Companies measures to indicate the overall health of an organisation.

Organisations or departments with high ‘My Company’ scores typically have loyal employees who feel proud to work there, love their job and feel excited about the direction the business is heading in.

The chart below shows the correlation between ‘My Company’ and overall employee engagement. In other words, having a high ‘My Company’ score is a strong indicator that engagement will be high overall - if one is up, so is the other; and likewise if one is low, the other tends to be low too.

Organisations or departments with low ‘My Company’ scores may not be bringing out the best in their people and are at risk of hemorrhaging talent. There is, however, plenty that can be done to improve.

3 ways to boost engagement

  • Work on increasing organisational clarity, by defining a clear, concise, inspiring primary purpose and outrageous ambition that gets people fired up about where the business is heading and gives their role meaning
  • Work on increasing managerial engagement to reduce employee churn and build high performance teams, by helping managers understand the 4 behaviours that impact engagement
  • Learn from other organisations who are getting it right (see below)

To help inspire you, we’ve compiled some ‘My Company’ best practice examples from organisations who’ve found innovative ways to create a highly engaged workplace. They're poster-size, so you can stick them on the wall during brainstorming sessions to spark new ideas!

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Employee Turnover & Engagement: What You Need to Know

Posted by Jane Young on 09-Mar-2015 11:25:00

Whilst a certain degree of employee turnover is considered healthy and a refreshing morale booster, a high rate of turnover (particularly if it is sustained) can be symptomatic of a lack of engagement. The average rate of employee turnover in the UK stands at around 15%, though this figure doesvary from industry to industry. Internal benchmarking – by collating the annual voluntary turnover figures for your company – will give you a sense of how turnover typically fluctuates in your organisation, whilst external benchmarking will enable you to understand these figures in relation to your sector's averages.

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Stand Up For Wellbeing: How Sitting Is Making Your Employees Sick

Posted by Jane Young on 26-Feb-2015 11:30:00


We all know how detrimental a sedentary lifestyle can be, and that simply moving can have huge benefits for our health and wellbeing. Nonetheless, a new wave of evidence is revealing the extent to which sitting down is harming us, regardless of whether or not we are taking regular exercise. Could sitting down be, quite literally, killing your employees?

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Why Engagement Matters for Small Businesses Too

Posted by Jane Young on 17-Feb-2015 14:31:08

There's an increasing body of evidence which demonstrates that high levels of employee engagement are pivotal to sustainable growth and financial performance. The chart below shows the extent to which the financial results of highly engaged Best Companies Accredited organisations outperform the overall FTSE100. In fact, Best Companies' data reveals that Accredited companies' shares outperform the FTSE100 by a massive 3.5 times.

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8 Simple Ways to Thank Your Employees

Posted by Jane Young on 09-Feb-2015 14:50:00

1) Reward them with extra holidays

Who doesn't love extra holidays? Such an easy and effective way to give your staff a boost, especially if employee attendance has been high. Buckles Law offer staff an extra two days holiday for anyone who logs zero annual absences. They also offer an attendance bonus for for high attendance over a six month period.


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Are you overworking your employees?

Posted by Jane Young on 16-Jan-2015 12:30:00

Recent statistics show that a shocking two thirds of employees feel 'overwhelmed' by their workload. And whilst 50% of adults work more than the standard 40 hours per week, 80% of them wish they were working less. Overworking leads not only to employee stress, which can be debilitating, but it can also have adverse effects on your organisation too - 'just working harder' is rarely the answer to business woes. According to HSE, 10 million working days were lost to work-related stress in 2011 alone.

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7 New Year's Resolutions for Employee Engagement Success

Posted by Jane Young on 06-Jan-2015 13:17:00

1) Take a Personal Approach

So often we think of offering our employees 'professional development' options, but how about thinking more in terms of ' personal growth'? In doing so, you can demonstrate the value and importance of each individual, beyond corporate objectives. Ask your employees, what can we do to help you? Find out their personal, as well as professional, goals. You may be surprised by your discoveries!



2) Get Ethical

Does your company have a clear ethical underpinning which your employees can feel both proud of and aligned to? Having an accessible, simple code of ethics is a great demonstrator of values, passion, and a commitment to the bigger picture. Don't just hide your ethics in a frame behind reception – make sure everyone knows about them, from employees to clients – ensuring they're taken out into the world.


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Be Inspired: Innovative Approaches to Personal Growth

Posted by Jane Young on 11-Dec-2014 10:06:00

Organisations with high levels of employee engagement typically excel in offering enticing avenues for career progression and personal growth, attracting ambitious individuals with big ideas and an eye to the future.  That's why 'Personal Growth' is one of the 8 factors which Best Companies' survey measures, dealing specifically with how employees feel about their training and future prospects.

If you're looking to develop a Personal Growth programme which stands out from the crowd in today's competitive marketplace, Best Companies Accredited organisations offer inspiring examples to clear the cobwebs from your organisation's training pathways.

COOK Trading: bringing dreams to life

COOK Trading believe that if an employee is fulfilled at home then they are much more likely to be fulfilled at work. They work in an area of high unemployment and low paid workers, so want to encourage as many people as possible to achieve their potential and fulfil their dreams. Their innovative Dream Academy is a programme which encourages people to think about what their life goals and aspirations are, and then encourages them to build a plan to help achieve them step by step with the support of a professional life coach.

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Employee Engagement Best Practice Part 8: The 'Leadership' Factor

Posted by Jane Young on 26-Nov-2014 15:48:00

Here's the final instalment in our series, covering the 8 factors of workplace engagement.

We've saved one of the most significant factors to last: Leadership. 

Leadership is one of the most strongly correlated factors - or in other words, organisations who score highly on Leadership are likely to be highly engaged overall; and vice versa.

The chart below shows the strength of the correlation, based on Best Companies survey data - the biggest engagement dataset in the country.

Great Leadership: It's The Little Things 

Often, when we think of the actions of great leaders, our minds hone in on grand, sweeping gestures, the big breakthroughs or spectacular transformations. Leaders are expected to focus on the bigger picture, the long-term game plan. Small gestures of kindness, caring or gratuitude are often overlooked, yet it might just be these small gestures – the little things – that add up to and define great leadership. These little things and everyday actions, though often lacking in glamour or newsworthiness, do not so much distract from the big picture as they do create the big picture.

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Employee Engagement Best Practice Part 7: The 'Fair Deal' Factor

Posted by Jane Young on 10-Nov-2014 17:18:00

Whilst its true that deriving a sense of meaning from work is an increasingly motivating factor for employees, being fairly rewarded for expenditure of energy, effort and time remains a key player in employee happiness and engagement. How happy your employees feel with their pay and related benefits is a strong reflection of how valued they feel as individuals.

That's why 'Fair Deal' is one of the 8 factors of employee engagement measured in BCI surveys.


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