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3 Simple Ways to A Greener Workplace

Posted by Becca Kelly on 18-Mar-2016 09:58:41


There are many reasons to consider greening your workplace, whether by making small steps or giant leaps towards ecological equilibrium. Going green can mean reducing your company's negative impact upon the environment and within your local community, whilst giving something back to the wider world. Best Companies' research shows a strong correlation between giving something back and overall employee engagement. This means that when employees feel their organisation is doing well in terms of giving something back, they're more likely to feel engaged, and vice versa. If you're looking to go green at work then here are some simple starting points to consider.

Greening your paper source

Despite the advent of digital technologies, most contemporary workplaces continue to paper push at an alarming rate. Introduce a greener paper policy in your office which asks employees to consider whether they really need to print out that email or document, or whether reading it on screen will actually suffice. For those instances where paper use is absolutely essential, make sure that your white stuff is both recycled and sustainably sourced.

Greening your hygiene

Most of us go through life without considering the effects of those neon coloured liquids we squirt into the sink or flush down the toilet in order to cleanse and fragrance everything around us. The same stands in workplaces – when it comes to janitorial supplies we don't tend to spend much time pondering the environmental effects of the various cleaning solutions we buy. Unfortunately, everything from washing up liquid to toilet cleaner and detergent can have negative effects on the natural world around us. It's no surprise that eco-friendly cleaning products are becoming more widely used and you should consider making the swap if you're serious about going green.

Greening the commute

A simple way to kickstart a green ethos at work is to tackle how your people get themselves to the office. Why not set up a car-pooling scheme so that employees who want or need to drive to work can not only cut their carbon emissions, but reduce their fuel bills and get to know their co-workers that bit better too? Another fantastic option is to join the government's Cyclescheme, which enables your employees to buy bikes and accessories tax-free, saving around half the cost. It's completely free for employers to join, and easy to administer online. Not only will you be doing the environment a favour, but your people's health will benefit too. Simple. Click here to sign up your workplace today.

Got a great idea for others looking to go green at work? Share your green workplace tips and tricks below in the comments section – we'd love to hear from you!

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